MGVS initiated social projects in the year 1995 -96 and since then we have honored our commitment to render selfless service to improve lives of the underprivileged sections of society. We have brought about visible transformation in the areas of our social endeavors.

STD & HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control Programme

This programme primarily focuses on the action of prevention and control of STD and HIV/AIDS among female sex workers, vulnerable, and bridge population covering 100 villages within nine blocks of Aurangabad district of Maharashtra .Wherein we trained & developed 54 peer educators, 2331 volunteers, 40 link/health workers, 18 outreach/field workers and 2 supervisors. We also involve village block and district level health officials for better execution during project implementation. Prime focus of this program is to initiate behavioural change communication, care & support, consistent and correct use of condoms, HIV testing, counselling, linkages & networking, Red Ribbon Club establishment, capacity building of village level stake holders and sustainability. The following two projects are covered under this programme.


The following two projects are covered under this programme:


 Shelter home and home base care of orphan and HIV affected children

To provide residential health care services to HIV infected and orphan children. MGVS has constructed a 7000 square feet shelter home and community health centre at Karanjgaon, Tal. Vaijapur, Dist. Aurangabad.  

During the implementation of our reproductive & child health, HIV /AIDS targeted intervention and Pediatrics AIDS initiative project we have identified and worked with 217 HIV effected and infected children from 100 village of Aurangabad districts. 60 to 80 percent of these children are orphans while others are single or foster parented. The condition of these children is exceedingly pathetic. They are without care and support. Relatives are not ready to keep these children in their homes. Grandparents who are alive are usually extremely poor and unable to take the necessary special care of the children.
We are also providing care and support for 217 CLHIV such as Psychological Support, Travel Support for ART treatment and Nutritional Supplementation once in month.


Community Based Monitoring of Health Services under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)

MGVS is working as a District Nodal NGO for Community Based Monitoring of Health Services under National Health Mission in Aurangabad district; three Taluka nodal NGOs have been working with MGVS as partner NGOs in Vaijapur, Gangapur and Soygaon block.9 PHCs, 18 sub centers and 45 villages are covered under this CBHM process. The key objective of this program is to establish and build capacity of rural people as well as monitor & plan committees at village, PHC, block, district level.


Tobacco Control Program

MGVS is working in Aurangabad Dist as MNGO on Tobacco control program to prohibit the sale of cigarette and other tobacco products to minors and by minors and an on sale of tobacco products within 100 yards of educational institutes via capacity building, training, engagement and Advocacy. 9 thasils are covering under Tobacco control program.


Community Health Centre for Rural Women and Children

Marathwada Gramin Vikas Sanstha (MGVS). MGVS started a community health centre for rural women, children and community at Karanjgaon, Tal. Vaijapur, Dist. Aurangabad. Primary health services are available for the rural community.  About 25,000 villagers use the facilities here. The centre provides services like primary health care, Antenatal and postnatal care, identification and referrals for institutional care, Immunization, Minor surgeries; It also treats malnourishment and distributes Iron Folic tablets, Vitamin A Prophylaxis.

MGVS also providing low cost Pathologist laboratory services and transporting facility to poor petitions.   


Water Conservation and Sanitation Project

Marathwada Gramin Vikas Sanstha is working in rural water and Sanitation project as support, technical and implementing agency, sanitation and pure water is life! MGVS has created awareness about practices to keep water pure, safe, importance of sanitation and hygiene has been created among the rural poor in 24 village of Aurangabad Nasik and Ahamadnagar District.


Livelihoods Development Programme for Rural Women and Youth (Self Employment Generation Program)

Livelihoods development programme is implemented by the MGVS during year, As a self employment is imperative for 60 village youth and women to avoid migration and promote micro enterprises, self employment generation ( Vocational Training) programs are taken up for village youth, women and girls. Training includes Beauty parlors, Dairy and milk product, Baiowest management, TV repairing and maintenance, electric motor rewinding and tailoring cutting.


Night Care Shelter for Beggars

MGVS, with the help of Municipal Corporation of Aurangabad, has two night care shelter homes for beggars; one is near railway station and other one is in Gandhi nagar. The capacity of one shelter is 100. MGVS provide services like medical care, Rehabilitation on drugs, hygiene and provide basic facilities such as mat, bed-sheet, toilet and bathroom to beggars. Low cost hygienic food to beggars also adds to the services provided.


Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (PPTCT)

Prevention of Parents to Child Transmission / mother to Child Transmission (MTCT) is by far the most significant route of transmission of HIV infection in children below the age of 15 years. The objective of PPTCT is to prevent HIV transmission and mitigate the impact of HIV by expanding access to testing, counseling and prevention of parent to child transmission Services, strengthening inter program linkages, especially HIV and TB collaboration and integrating HIV Services with (Ante-natal Care (ANC), Natal and Post –Natal Services, Sexual Reproductive Health and Family Planning, EID, Pediatrics ART and Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health (ARSH), TB and STI/RTI services)  the general health system
Working area: There are total 9 Talukas with 1344 Villages & Current ANC Prevalence is 0.25.

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